Hoverboard Gold Chrome

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Hoverboard Gold Chrome

Hoverboard Gold Chrome ➽ 2 year warranty 

Hoverboard Ultra High Performance! 





Technical Data Sheet


Autonomy20 kmLoading time3h
Speed16 km/hWeight10kg
Maximum slope20 °Width50
Min-Max Load20kg – 120kgHeight25
Engine power750 WattsDepth25
Battery SAMSUNG36v 4.4 mah LithiumKINECTUC Energy Recover70%
Wheel size6.5 inchesWarranty24 months




↓ Overboard Gold Chrome ↓

No. 1 word of mouth in France.

With our products, you Take advantage of the selection of the best materials.

If from the outside appearance all Hoverboards Are similar, this is not the case from the inside.

There are a lot of counterfeits and imitations designed not to last in time.

You benefit from a Speed Controller Allowing you to be alerted when the hoverboard no longer has a battery.

A charger Fire Fighting and Ultra Fast, the loader gets Its 80% load In just 30 minutes.

A motherboard being one of the most reliable and durable on the market.

The most self-contained SAMSUNG 4.4 mah battery on the market

Self-balancing sensors for better Stability.

All our products are certified to European and French standards.

This ➽ FCC ➽ UL ➽ ROHS ➽ IP54


↓ Overboard Gold Chrome ↓

With the purchase in our shop, you benefit from a 2 year warranty.

With spare parts available and expert advice. 

Service Center and Repair Centre located Chalon/Saône.

We guarantee our products in any France and In Europe By finding amicable solutions to restore your hoverboard to work as quickly as possible.

We develop ourselves Our own hoverboards Designed to Custom Request From our factory.


Why Choose us?

↓ Overboard Gold Chrome ↓

We are currently proposing one of the widest choices From Hoverboard In France.

We manufacture ourselves Our own models of hoverboards contrary to the vastness of offers on the Internet, all our products are Certified and Controlled According to European standards.

The selection of the best components with Battery SAMSUNG 4.4 mah And our ultra powerful engine that represents one of the most reliable currently on the market. 

A 2 year Warranty With a Repair center Located in France and Expert advice 

The satisfaction of our customers and Word of mouth Have propelled our company as a Leader.


Who are we?

↓ Overboard Gold Chrome ↓

In 2015, we were one of the first companies to democratize Hoverboard in France.

We are Become leaders In this market using No advertising Thanks in particular to the Natural referencing and Word of mouth And of course thanks to Our seriousness and to The commitment of our genuine SAV!

We made the decision to stay Independent and to Sell Less But To sell better by ensuring A real quality of manufacture.


↓ Overboard Gold Chrome ↓

We design Our products on demand With the selection of the best materials.

Count for 8 to 20 days if the parcel is not shipped from Our Storage Center In Europe.

If your hoverboard is shipped from our storage center, you will receive a quick delivery.

The place of storage is indicated above the basket.

Hoverboard Shop

Are you lost?

With The jungle of thousands of offers On the Internet, finally discover The other side of the scenery!



As ➽ Fnac ➽ darty ➽ Cdiscount ➽ Ebay ➽ Priminister ➽ Baker ➽ Rueducommerce ➽ Showroomprivé ➽ Conforama ➽ Auchan ➽ Go-Sport ➽ Amazon...

This is also the case now for Large areas Who surf on The wave.

It is important to remember that These marketplaces For the most part do not sell Hoverboard But only through Anonymous resellers Often located abroad to avoid a The controls and Compliance standards of these products.

And if behind these are French resellers, most of them change company names about Every six months To avoid The costs related to the service and the Compliance checks.

If resellers Remain anonymous, these are for obvious reasons.

Explanation ➽ the marketplaces include a strong commission from resellers who encourage them to sacrifice their price at the expense of The quality and the Sav For the majority of cases.

Good to know ➽ on The marketplaces No product is Warranty Not supported by the Marketplaces But by the dealer who is located very often In China.

There is a lot of commentary on that.

Hoverboard in South Africa

Drop Shipping Site

Like most Internet sites Recent Selling Hoverboards off Markeplace, they use the dropshipping technique by not taking into account the warranty neither the SAV nor the quality for the most part.

These resellers use the technique of Dropshipping With most companies located abroad to avoid Compliance standards.

Many resellers that have been posted on The forums have been unmasked To sell counterfeits with no guarantee and a Non-existent SAV.

The name of the dealer is of course Anonymous and Untraceable For the vast majority of French sites Selling hoverboards. 

Legal terms Ambiguous and Confusing or non-existent

If we put so much warning against These deceptionsIs that we receive Every day Messages of victims Through our email or our page where We help The people to be repaired Their own hoverboards.

There is a lot of commentary on that.

Hoverboard Fire


Following An in-depth analysis and To multiple complaints, we had to clarify Some points Still Very unknown Of the general public on the vast Offers on the internet.

Even if most of you claim to get genuine batteries SAMSUNG 4.4 mah and a 2 year warranty, Very few actually do it In view of the messages and Repairs That we do on a daily basis.

Low Prices are distorted by Counterfeits and Imitations That flooded the market.

It is important to choose a specialist and not a generalist.

We Have Currently one of the best reports Quality-Price According to our own requirements.

We are one The most serious startups On the market.

A real Sure value and Recognized by our customers!


➥ colors available!

Hoverboard Gold Chrome
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  1. Note 5 Out of 5

    Arnaud de Chalon-sur-Saône

    I am really happy with my purchase from you! It's rare to find Samsung batteries at factory prices.
    I'm glad to have this shock protection system, it's a small detail but I like it very much 🙂

  2. Note 5 Out of 5

    The service con

    There is Samsung Asterix with or a Chinese saw that the only option and with or without bag


      The battery is SAMSUNG – a new promotion will come very soon on the chrome models.

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